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Keith Urban plays two surprise shows in New York and Philadelphia train stations

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11/16/2010 by Olivia Allin

Keith Urban might be a big enough star that he doesn't have to play in train stations, but that's just what he did on Tuesday at New York's Penn Station and Philadelphia's 30th Street Station for two seemingly impromptu shows, organized with the help of Amtrak. The country star also played an acoustic set on a moving train, between the two stations for 50 contest winners aboard the train.

People magazine reported that Urban, who released his new album "Get Closer" on Tuesday, began his day in Midtown Manhattan where he played some old favorites and new singles for the growing crowd at Penn Station.

Urban joked with the crowd, "I want to thank you all for missing your train today," as a massive crowd paused on their journey home to catch the surprise performance.

A few fans caught his performance and post the videos on YouTube, including this rendition of Urban's "Somebody Like You," which was recorded at Penn Station.

"I've never performed on a train," Urban told People. "I'm not even sure how I'll be able to stand!"

During the performance, Urban managed to keep on his feet and added some new lyrics to his hit song "Raining On Sunday" such as "I can't believe I haven't fallen once yet!"

Urban alerted his fans of the concerts via his Twitter account and posted a few shots of the performances. As he arrived at Penn Station after playing on a moving train, the crooner said, "I can check this off my bucket list now."

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