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Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga appear in a promotional photo for Saturday Night Live. - Provided courtesy of NBC

Justin Timberlake revives digital short character on 'Saturday Night Live' - What did you think?

05/22/2011 by Kristina Lopez

Justin Timberlake took to the "Saturday Night Live" stage once again on Saturday for the show's season finale with musical guest star Lady Gaga.

Timberlake revived one of his popular characters from his "Saturday Night Live" digital shorts "[Expletive] in a Box" and "Mother Lover" with Andy Samberg. The new short, dubbed "The Golden Rule" featured Lady Gaga and can be seen below.

The singer and actor also revived his Robin Gibb impression for "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" skit with Jimmy Fallon and his "Omletville" character for a new "Liquorville" skit with Lady Gaga. Timberlake's previous appearances on the show earned him two Emmy Awards and three nominations.

Timberlake will appear on-screen alongside Mila Kunis in "Friends With Benefits," which is set for release on July 22. He also stars with his ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz in "Bad Teacher," which comes out on June 24th.

Seth Myers spent part of his last "Weekend Update" sketch for the season taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger's scandal and Lady Gaga performed "Born This Way," "Judas" and "Edge of Glory" from her upcoming album.

Check out the digital short below and let us know what you think of Justin Timberlake's hosting skills.

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