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Mary Poppins stars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke appear at the premiere of Saving Mr. Banks at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California on Dec. 9., 2013. - Provided courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez / WireImage for Walt Disney Studios

Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke reunite at 'Saving Mr. Banks' premiere

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12/10/2013 by Corinne Heller

"Mary Poppins" stars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke reunited on Monday night at the premiere of "Saving Mr. Banks," which depicts how Walt Disney brought the former film to life.

The two were photographed embracing on the red carpet at the event, which took place at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. Andrews, who is 78 and played the title character in "Mary Poppins," and Van Dyke, who turns 88 on Dec. 13 and played her love interest, chimney sweep (and one-man band) Bert, also posed for photos with "Saving Mr. Banks" stars Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell.

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Andrews and Van Dyke have reunited at past events over the years, such at a 2012 Professional Dancers Society event, during which the actress received the Gypsy Award, and at the 2007 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards.

"Saving Mr. Banks" is set for a limited release on Friday and will hit more theaters across the United States on Dec. 20. In the movie, which is based on a true story, Hanks plays Walt Disney, who convinces P.L. Travers, the author of the "Mary Poppins" book series, to have her stories adapted into a film. Thompson plays Travers, while Farrell plays her father.

"She was never on the set, ever," Van Dyke told OTRC.com, regarding Travers. "I think I met her at the premiere."

"It's a wonderful back story that I never knew anything about," Andrews said. ""I'd heard rumors but I knew nothing about her childhood, about her father and his alcoholism and things like that."

"Mary Poppins" hit theaters in 1964 and remains one of the most beloved family films.

"I cannot believe it is 50 years," Andrews said.

Check out a trailer for "Saving Mr. Banks" below as well as 7 facts about the film and "Mary Poppins.".

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