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Joseph Gordon-Levitt points to his Record button on his suit at the premiere of Lincoln at Graumans Chinese Theatre during AFI Fest in Hollywood on Nov. 8, 2012. - Provided courtesy of OTRC Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks to OTRC.com about Lincoln in November 2012. - Provided courtesy of OTRC
Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows his 'Record' button
Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about 'Lincoln'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: How Spielberg acted on 'Lincoln' set (Video)

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11/11/2012 by OnTheRedCarpet.com Staff

Joseph Gordon-Levitt found Steven Spielberg particularly inspiring while working with him on "Lincoln" - and not just because of the legendary director's level of fame and record of past successes.

"One thing that I noticed about Steven was how much glee, just sheer joy, that he approaches every day with," the actor told OTRC.com at the recent premiere of "Lincoln" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood during AFI Fest. "This is the only movie I've worked with him on so I dunno if it's like this every time but I imagine it is - it's just - the guy loves movies, clearly."

"To be one of the most renowned and successful filmmakers of all time and still come to work and not be blasé and not just have it be another day at the office but to come with the energy of ... really, there's like a childlike enjoyment that he gets out of the process that's inspiring for me. It makes it fun to come to work."

Spielberg, an Oscar-winning director, has helmed a slew of family-friendly films such as "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" and "Hook" as well as the adventure movie serials "Jurassic Park" and "Indiana Jones." He serves as both the director and a producer of "Lincoln," which hit theaters on November 9.

The movie focuses on U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's final months in office, during which he pushes to end the Civil War, unite the people - including the politicians who oppose him - and pass legislation that would abolish slavery. Daniel Day-Lewis plays the title role, while Sally Field plays his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Gordon-Levitt plays their son, Robert.

"It's not your typical job - this movie," he said. "It's a really special subject matter that's really meaningful to, I think everybody in the world, but especially people who are from this country."

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