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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on 'Premium Rush': 'It was tougher training than Batman' - See video

08/26/2012 by Kristina Lopez

Gearing up to navigate the New York City streets as a fictional bicycle messenger was tougher than training to be a beat cop on the mean streets of Gotham City, according to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The actor, who stars in "Premium Rush" as a bike messenger named Wilee, said in a recent interview that his training for the film was harder than what he had to do in order to prepare for his role as Officer John Blake in "The Dark Knight Rises."

"I did go through the rear windshield of a taxi cab. I didn't fall every day but I fell enough. That was enough," he said in a recent interview provided by the film's studio Columbia Pictures when co-star Dania Ramirez admitted she fell everyday on set. "It was tougher training than Batman to be honest yes."

Gordon-Levitt previously told reporters that he received 31 stitches in his arm after he was sent flying though the rear windshield of a taxi. The taxi was not a part of filming and cut Gordon-Levitt off and forced the actor to swerve into the back of the vehicle.

The 31-year-old actor also said in a previous interview that he rode a bike everyday for six weeks leading up to shooting in order to train.

"There's no CGI in this movie so all the stunts are actually real, so that's pretty cool," Ramirez said.

Gordon-Levitt added, "I think it makes it more fun to watch, when you're watching actual human beings do this stuff, it is...it will get your heart going."

In the "Premium Rush," Levitt portrays a Manhattan bike messenger named Wilee, whose newest delivery attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who chases the cyclist through the city. Ramirez plays his ex-girlfriend.

"There are some brilliant stunt performers that are in 'Premium Rush.' I'm one of five -- I'm one of five performers -- that play my character," Gordon-Levitt said. "There are four other guys who all have their various skills on different bikes and in different situations that make up the performance. It's fun to watch these guys do what they do."

"Premium Rush" hit theaters on August 24. Watch the trailer below.

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