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John Galliano has been found guilty of making anti-Semitic comments, which had gotten him fired as head designer of French fashion house Christian Dior, and was fined 6,000 euros, or $8,400.

However, the fines were suspended. Galliano, who is said to be worth millions, was also ordered to pay a total of 1 euro in symbolic damages to the plaintiffs.

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Marc Jacobs seemingly has enough on his plate, designing for three labels, but the fashion designer is now reportedly in talks to take over as head designer at Dior, following John Galliano's dismissal.

Women's Wear Daily reported on Monday that Jacobs is entering negotiations from the French fashion house this week. Jacobs is currently the head designer for Louis Vuitton and his namesake collections - Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Fashion Designer John Galliano testified in court on Wednesday that he remembers nothing about the anti-Semitic rant that got him fired from French fashion house Christian Dior and claimed his "triple addiction" to alcohol, barbiturates and sleeping pills were to blame.

Galliano apologized for the diatribe, saying these were not his views but instead reflect "the shell of John Galliano ... someone who needs help," the Associated Press reports.


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