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Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld and his dog appear on LIVE! with Kelly on Nov. 22, 2011. - Provided courtesy of ABC

Jerry Seinfeld brings puppy dog Jose on 'LIVE!,' makes plea (Photo)

11/22/2011 by Corinne Heller

Jerry Seinfeld knows the secret to winning over viewers of ABC's daytime talk show "LIVE!" following Regis Philbin's exit: Puppies.

The comedian and "Seinfeld" star brought his new black and tan-colored dachshund, Jose, on the show on Tuesday, November 22, the second day of his co-hosting gig. He had said a day earlier that his family got the puppy as an "impulse buy."

"This is Jose that we just got and we got him because the Seinfeld family loves Jose Reyes so much and we want the Mets to keep Jose Reyes," Seinfeld said. "We want you to make a deal with Jose Reyes. That's what we want. He's my favorite baseball player. He's the most thrilling baseball player."

He then put his puppy on the floor, where it scampered across to his wife, Jessica, much to the delight of the studio audience (see video).

The real Reyes is a champion shortstop who played for the New York Mets since the start of his career in Major League Baseball in 2003 until the 2011 World Series last month, when he became a free agent.

Seinfeld began his co-hosting stint on "LIVE!" on Monday, days after Philbin left the series after more than 28 years.

Seinfeld is one of several people set to host the program alongside Kelly Ripa before a permanent replacement is named. The show's name has meanwhile changed to "LIVE! With Kelly" during what Seinfeld called "Operation Smooth Transition."

Aside from making sports-related pleas, the comedian is taking the hosting opportunity to crack some jokes.

"The whole dog thing was an impulse buy, which makes a lot of sense when you're getting pets," Seinfeld said on Monday. "You just get them impulsively. They're all impulse buys. And I don't really care, as a husband, because once you're married and you have kids, to me it's like football - once you're down, it doesn't matter how many people pile on."

He also joked on Monday about some advice he said he received before he began his hosting gig.

"They told me backstage that the key to daytime television is that you build to the insignificant," Seinfeld said. "You build and build and build and then you reveal absolutely nothing."

"We use the word 'big announcement' around here like it's going out of style," Ripa added. "But today we really do have a big announcement."

The news turned out to be a competition that the show is promoting, in which a couple can win a "wedding of a lifetime" in Hawaii with 30 guests at Disney's new Resort and Spa on Oahu. ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company, as is OnTheRedCarpet.com.

Seinfeld is set to continue hosting "LIVE! with Kelly" until Wednesday, November 23, after which Kim Cattrall, "America's Got Talent" host Howie Mandel, television chef Jamie Oliver and Miss Piggy and Jason Segel are set to temporarily take over hosting duties.

Oliver and Cattrall also appeared on Tuesday's episode of "LIVE! with Kelly." The actress is best known for her role as sex-crazed Samantha in the "Sex and the City" films and HBO series.

"You were kind of the Kramer on the show," Seinfeld joked, referring to Michael Richards' eccentric character on "Seinfeld."

"I'll take it!" she said. "I loved him."

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