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Jennifer Aniston appears in an ad for Glaceau Smartwater, released on Sept. 18, 2012. - Provided courtesy of Glaceau Smartwater / youtube.com/user/drinksmartwater

Jennifer Aniston is 'pregnant' in Smartwater ad - see her baby belly (Video)

09/18/2012 by Corinne Heller

Jennifer Aniston appears pregnant in a new commercial for Glaceau Smartwater, which also stars Ryan Seacrest and ABC talk show and 2012 Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel.

In the ad, which was released on September 18, Seacrest plays a TV news host. He introduces a segment showing mock security footage "leaked" from Aniston's home, which unveil "shocking revelations." In one black and white clip, she enters a kitchen and unwraps a Velcro strap worn under a white T-shirt to reveal an enormous bare belly.

"How are my triplets doing?" the 43-year-old says, chugging a bottle of Smartwater. "They must be so thirsty. Oh my lord."

In real life, rumors about Aniston being pregnant have circulated for months. Spokespeople for the actress, who is engaged to actor Justin Theroux, have dismissed the reports.

In the ad, Aniston is already has at least two kids - in another clip, Kimmel plays Aniston's son, who appears in swimming gear near a pool filled with Smartwater. She tells him to get in the house "before anybody sees you" and to take with him his little brother - a short person wearing an alien mask.

Also, according to the fake security footage, the belly and the secret children are not the only thing Aniston, who inspired the "Rachel haircut" when she was on "Friends" (and called it ugly) appears to be hiding from the public.

In 2011, Aniston also starred a Smartwater ad, which was marketed as "Jen Aniston's Sex Tape."

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