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Jenna von Oy of 'Blossom' marries Brad Bratcher, dog serves as ring bearer

10/25/2010 by Corinne Heller

Jenna von Oy appears in a promotional photo for 'Blossom'. / Jenna von Oy in a photo posted on her website. (Photo courtesy of Touchstone Television / jennavonoy.com / Delious Kennedy) Jenna von Oy, who played Six LeMeure on the 1990s comedy series Blossom, married boyfriend Brad Bratcher, a Dell computer data consultant, earlier this month.

"We're so happy," People magazine on Monday quoted von Oy, 33, as saying. "My mama told me never to meet a man at a bar  so I did!"

Von Oy and Bratcher, 39, met at a wine bar and dated for two years until their October 10 wedding, which took place in a garden outside a bed and breakfast in her hometown of Newtown, Connecticut, the magazine said, adding that the couple's dog, Bruiser, served as ring bearer.

On Blossom, von Oy played the best friend of the title character, portrayed by Mayim Bialik, and the two often donned trademark oversized hats. Blossom, which also starred Joey Lawrence, aired from 1991 to 1995. Since the show ended, von Oy recorded music, played Stevie Van Lowe on the show The Parkers and had other small parts on television.

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