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Jeff Bridges appears in a still from the 2009 film, Crazy Heart. - Provided courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

Jeff Bridges' self-titled solo country album debuts on August 16

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08/12/2011 by Olivia Allin

Jeff Bridges won an Oscar in 2009 for playing a washed up country musician in "Crazy Heart" and now the actor is imitating his art with his debut solo album, "Jeff Bridges," which is due to hit stores on August 16.

"I'm pretty critical of myself as far as reaching some sort of perfect bull's-eye or target that I'm aiming for," Bridges told NPR'S Morning Edition of his upcoming album in a recent interview. "Sometimes you can get so obsessed with that bull's-eye that you miss the whole deal, because you're just so focused on what you think is perfection that you miss what really is perfection - which is just being alive... Life is having its way with me now. And I'm really pleased."

The 61-year-old actor signed a record deal with Blue Note, the Jazz geared label that currently has artists like Norah Jones in its roster. The actor collaborated with T-Bone Burnett, who also won an Oscar for his work on "Crazy Heart" where he co-wrote the song "The Weary Kind."

Bridges contributed his own music compositions to the self-titled album as well as covers of artists like Tom Waits and two covers of his mentor Stephen Bruton. The actor credits Bruton, who co-wrote and co-produced the "Crazy Heart" soundtrack, for helping him find his voice.

"We all looked toward Stephen for authenticity, because the life of Bad Blake ... was very much like the life Stephen led," Bridges said of Bruton, who died of cancer before the film was released. "He moved me up to the next level."

Bridges also donned the May cover of Esquire magazine where he opened up about his foray into the music world.

"Acting, man," Bridges told the magazine. "Believe me, I like life to come at me a little slower than that. I was just playing the calm guy... But I am taking advantage of the opportunity. Now's the perfect time for me to do something like this."

The album features guest appearances by Tom Waits, Greg Brown, Sam Phillips and Bo Ramsey, among others. ( Listen to Bridges' single, "Maybe I Missed The Point" here).

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