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Jake Gyllenhaal has sex like 18 times with Anne Hathaway in new film Love and Other Drugs

11/05/2010 by Jacob Burch

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal says he has sex 'like 18 times' with Anne Hathaway in his new film 'Love and Other Drugs' which opened the AFI 2010 Film Fest in Los Angeles.

The chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway was first revealed in the Oscar-winning hit Brokeback Mountain. Now, the stars are making sparks again in the new film Love and Other Drugs. Lots of sparks!

Brokeback Mountain, we only acted together for about 8 days, so this was just wonderful to get to spend weeks and weeks and weeks together, Hathaway told On The Red Carpets Rachel Smith.

We only had sex once in Brokeback Mountain and we have sex like 18 times in this movie, laughed Gyllenhaal.

In Love and Other Drugs, Gyllenhaal plays a philandering pharmaceutical rep, who falls for the girl of his dreams.

It's racy but then I think it becomes about real intimacy and real love between two people, Gyllenhaal told us.

The premiere opened the AFI 2010 Film FestCheck out a full schedule of the event.

Love and Other Drugs is out November 24th.


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