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'Jack the Giant Slayer' and '21 and Over' reviewed by Mr. Moviefone

03/01/2013 by 'Mr. Moviefone' Russ Leatherman

This week at the movies, apparently the "Last Exorcism" was not the last, it's time to party hardy -- or hardly party (depending on how old you are), and another fairytale gets a giant sized makeover."

In "Jack the Giant Slayer," a farm boy named Jack drops a magic bean and ventures into the world of giants to save a princess, sparking a war between beast and man.

The Reel Deal: Fee-fi-fo-fum, "Jack the Giant Slayer" is pretty ding dang dumb. I'm out.

It's time to party in "21 and Over." A smart, normally straight-laced college student lets his friends convince him to go all out for his 21st birthday. And you can only guess what mayhem ensues.

The Reel Deal: Look, "21 and Over" isn't for me, it isn't for you, but your 21-year-old will probably enjoy it very much (and be totally drunk when they see it). So for them, I'm in.

Also in theaters, break out the crucifixes and holy water because it's the "Last Exorcism Part II" (does anyone get the irony there?); Ed Harris is the captain of a Cold War soviet submarine on a secret mission in "Phantom;" and a reformed drug addict is building a new life and coming to terms with his past in "Welcome to Pine Hill."

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