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Hulk Hogan in hospital for back spasms, wants a beer

09/07/2010 by Corinne Heller

Hulk Hogan appears in a self-recorded online video recorded from his hospital bed on Sept. 7, 2010. (Photo courtesy of twitter.com/hulkhogan4real) Hulk Hogan was recently hospitalized after suffering back spasms and the pro-wrestler says in self-recorded online videos that he feels better and would sure like a beer.

"Will get back on my feet and I'm gonna get real dangerous," the 57-year-old said on Tuesday. "I think it's time to get dangerous. Everything's cool. Just laying low. Sure wish I had a Miller Lite. The immortal Hulk Hogan is gonna get back on his feet. Immortal, don't forget."

Hogan underwent successful back surgery earlier this year but says his latest ailment is unrelated. He added that doctors had given him pain medication and would performs several tests on him, including an MRI, to figure out the cause of his spasms and the extent of the damage.

"I think I just stressed the heck out of it, bending over for so long," he said. "Feel better than yesterday. At least when I try to move my butt sideways in bed, I can move it about an inch, no, about a half inch either way."

Hogan thanked fans for leaving supportive comments on his Twitter page, adding: "Had a couple of idiots say some mean stuff to me so I just learned how to block 'em."

Check out Hulk Hogan's latest video message from his hospital bed:


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