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A promotional photo of Halle Berry during her Good Morning America appearance in New York City on Monday, Dec. 6, 2010. - Provided courtesy of ABC / Heidi Gutman

Halle Berry announces her Broadway debut and says she's 'scared to death'

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12/06/2010 by Kristina Lopez

Halle Berry has conquered the silver screen, earning an Oscar for her 2002 performance in "Monster's Ball", and on Monday she announced on "Good Morning America" that she going to take the stage and make her debut on Broadway.

Berry tells "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts that she'll star in an original Broadway play titled "The Mountaintop" opposite Samuel L. Jackson. "He plays Martin Luther King and it's the day that Martin Luther King got shot," Berry says, "I'm the maid that comes into the room and has an interesting exchange with him right before he gets killed."

The Academy Award-winner was on the morning program to promote her latest film "Frankie and Alice." In the movie, Berry plays Frankie Murdoch, a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

When asked why she chose to do Broadway, the actress says "Because it me to death." She adds, "It must mean it's what I'm supposed to do next if it scares me to death."

Check out the "Good Morning America" interview with Halle Berry below:

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