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Gregg Allman and his fiance Shannon Williams appear in stills from the May 25, 2012 episode of Piers Morgan Tonight. - Provided courtesy of CNN

Gregg Allman, 64, engaged to 24-year-old woman

05/25/2012 by Olivia Allin

Gregg Allman, the 64-year-old co-founder of The Allman Brothers Band, got engaged to 24-year-old Shannon Williams.

He made the announcement on a May 22, 2012 episode of "Piers Morgan Tonight." When Piers Morgan asked Allman how his wife felt about becoming wife number seven, he got a bit sentimental.

"That's not what she's becoming," Allman told Morgan. "She's becoming wife number one. I don't have a wife. I haven't had one for years."

When asked about his previous relationships, Allman said that he was only in love with two of his wives but they "didn't reciprocate." Of marrying his new fiancé, he said, "this time I'm really in love."

Allman is currently promoting his new memoir "My Cross to Bear," which was released on May 1. In the best-seller, he discussed his failed marriages and detailed the rise and collapse of his marriage to Cher.

Cher was upset over the memoir, Tweeting on May 24, "Made me sad! We remember things So Differently... Gregory!loved him w/All my Heart! He was Tender,So Polite,A GREAT Talent & in my eyes Beautiful!Thought"I"could him get off drugs!I Couldn't."

Last month, Allman announced that he was delaying his book tour because he needed to undergo tests on his heart. In 2010, Allman had a liver transplant due to Hepatitis C has been steadily recovering since.

In the past he's been occasionally forced to cancel or postpone performances because of setbacks from his health. He also recently had hernia surgery related to the transplant. It is unclear if his heart problems are related to the transplant.

Allman has been married six times, to Shelley Kay Winters, Janice Blair, Cher, Julie Bindas, Ganielle J P Galiana and Stacey Fountain. Many of the marriages lasted between two and five years.

Allman has five children - Michael Sean Allman, 45, from a relationship with former waitress Mary Lynn Green, son Devon Allman, 39, lead singer of Honeytribe from his marriage to Shelley Kay Winters, son Elijah Blue Allman, 35, lead singer of Deadsy from his marriage to Cher, daughter Delilah Island Allman, 31, from his marriage to Julie Bindas and daughter Layla Brooklyn Allman, 19, who fronts the band Picture Me Broken, from his relationship with radio journalist Shelby Blackburn.

Allman was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and was No. 70 in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time."

Allman's brother Duane Allman, who was the band's other co-founder, died in a motorcycle accident in 1971, just months after they released their breakthrough live album "At Fillmore East."

Watch Gregg Allman's appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight" below.

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