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Billy Baldwin returns to 'Gossip Girl' as Serena van der Woodsen's father, spoiler alert
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'Gossip Girl' spoilers: Billy Baldwin returns as Serena van der Woodsen's father

01/03/2011 by Olivia Allin

Billy Baldwin grinned maniacally when asked about his return to "Gossip Girl" this season. On the CW show, Baldwin portrays Blake Lively's ill-intentioned father, William van der Woodsen.

"I love this kind of an arc," Baldwin told OnTheRedCarpet.com and other media outlets in a satellite interview. "I would prefer it to have 5 or 6 episodes but even if its 3 or 4, you come in, you stir the pot, you move on."

And stir the pot is exactly what Baldwin's character did last season when he lied about Serena's mother, Lily van der Woodsen's medical condition, in an effort to break up her marriage to Rufus Humphrey and get their family back together.

"I do a pilot, I do a movie, I do 'Parenthood,'" the actor said, "and then I come back as Dr. Van der Woodsen to have some fun stuff to do with Blake Lively, stir the pot, cause some trouble and on a show like 'Gossip Girl,' it's always just so delicious and deviant."

Baldwin has kept busy with a recurring role as Gordon Flint on NBC's "Parenthood" and his recent portrayal of Detective Bennet in the Lifetime movie, "The Craigslist Killer."

"Gossip Girl" returns to the CW on Monday, January 24th.

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