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George Clooney trying to raise awareness about Sudan conflict threat

10/13/2010 by Corinne Heller

George Clooney appears on 'Good Morning America' on Oct. 13, 2010. (Photo courtesy of ABC) George Clooney is trying to raise awareness about the possible renewal of civil war in Sudan ahead of a referendum on independence for the oil-rich southern part - a vote that was promised in a 2005 peace deal to end some two decades of conflict between the north and south.

Clooney made his comments on Good Morning America following a visit to southern Sudan.

"They want to vote for their freedom and they're going to vote for their freedom - their freedom and independence," Clooney said.

"They believe they've earned it," he said. "They're hoping for protection but it won't change it. They are resolute in their intent for freedom. So our job is to sound all the alarms and say before this becomes bloodshed ... We were late to the Cogno, we were late to Rwanda, we were late to Darfur. This is an opportunity to stop this before it happens."

The National Congress Party (NCP) of the north, where most people are Muslim, and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) of the south, whose people are mostly Christian, are currently involved in talks to try and come to an agreement regarding the eligibility criteria for voters for the January referendum.

Check out George Clooney's interview on Good Morning America:


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