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Emily Blunt talks 'God' and 'Adjustment Bureau'

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03/05/2011 by Corinne Heller

Emily Blunt says the Adjustment Bureau, a mysterious force that is also the title of her new romantic thriller with Matt Damon, could be viewed as a "God"-like "higher power."

In the film, which was releaseed on Friday, March 4, the two play a politician and a ballerina who fall in love but who the Adjustment Bureau tries to keep apart.

"The Adjustment Bureau is an idea of some kind of higher power, where you want to believe it's a God-type thing or a Big Brother effect," Blunt said in a recent satellite interview with OnTheRedCarpet.com and other press outlets. "They have these plan books for everyone in the world and we're all supposed to have a predetermined path. So their job, if people go off the path, is to kind of make small adjustments so that we're on some fatalistic path."

"So our characters meet and really fall in love really quickly but it's not supposed to be in our plan," Blunt added. "So the whole movie is about 'Fate versus free will' and us trying to be together and the Adjustment Bureau trying to keep us apart."

Blunt, a British actress, is also known for her role as a snotty fashion magazine assistant in the 2006 film "The Devil Wears Prada." She also appeared in the 2009 movie "The Young Victoria" and the 2010 film "The Wolfman."

Blunt recently filmed a smallpart in the new "Muppets" film, which stars and was co-written by "How I Met Your Mother" actor Jason Segel. The movie is set for release on November 23.

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