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Dianna Agron reveals why she chose 'I Am Number Four' - See video


"Glee" star Dianna Agron is made a big leap to the big screen with a lead role in "I Am Number Four" which hits theaters on Friday.

The movie tells of a group of human-looking beings that hide on Earth from an evil species that destroyed their planet and seeks to hunt them down. Agron plays a Midwestern girl who falls in love with one of the persecuted aliens, who is disguised as a high school student and is played by British actor Alex Pettyfer.

"It's about making your own choices and finding your own self," Agron said in an interview provided by Touchstone Pictures. "It was so much fun to make."

The 24-year-old actress recently denied rumors that she is engaged to Pettyfer, 20. The co-stars have been rumored to be dating and the two were seen holding hands in August.

"I am Number Four" marks one of Agron's only starring film roles. Before "Glee", which began in 2009, the actress had smaller roles in films such as "The Romantics" with Katie Holmes and had parts in television shows such as "Heroes" and "Numb3rs". She can also be seen in the new Cher and Christina Aguilera musical movie "Burlesque", which is currently in theaters.

She says that filming "I Am Number Four" was a nice break from "Glee." "Yeah, no singing or dancing this time around," Agron said. "I was going to do a project in my hiatus that made sense, not just because it fit in with the schedule, and luckily it was everything I wanted."

"At the same time when I was done, I so terribly missed 'Glee' and all my friends and the crew back there," she added. "It was a great way to keep energized throughout the year."

Check out the trailer for "I Am Number Four" below.

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