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Michael C. Hall appears in a scene from Dexters eighth and final season, which premieres on June 30, 2013. - Provided courtesy of Showtime

'Dexter' final season 8 trailer - 5 spoilers (Video)

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05/17/2013 by Corinne Heller

The first full-length trailer for the eighth season of "Dexter," which is set to premiere on June 30, has been released.

This is final season for the Showtime series, which stars Michael C. Hall as the title character, a blood spatter analyst at the Miami Police Department, a father and a secret serial killer who only targets dangerous criminals.

Jennifer Carpenter, the actor's ex-wife, reprises her role as his sister and police boss, Debra. Dexter always walked on eggshells around her and season 8 is no exception, especially given the events of season 7.

"The crime scene might be the only place left where I can still control the chaos," Dexter says in the trailer.

Check out 5 spoilers from the trailer and watch the video below (Warning: Contains explicit language).

    1. Enter Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a professor who has written a book about the brains of psychopaths. Dexter, secret serial killer + intellectual who is likely to identify them = bad deal for Dexter.

    2. Other returning characters include Sgt. Angel Batista (played by David Zayas), his sister Jamie (played by Aimee Garcia) -- who is also the nanny of Dexter's son Harrison, Vince Masuka (played by C.S. Lee), Det. Joey Quinn (played by Desmond Harrington), Deputy Chief Tom Matthews (played by Geoff Pierson) and Harry, the late father of Dexter and Debra (played by James Remar).

    3. Debra's freaking out and abusing alcohol and pills after she, in her words, "shot the wrong person" in the trailer on the season 7 finale.

    4. Debra's getting frisky with a new man in her life and Dexter is NOT happy. (NOTE: Sean Patrick Flanery plays a mysterious man who gets involved with Debra - check out 5 spoilers about season 8 he talked about with OTRC.com.)

    5. That person got a nice tribute - a sleek, white memorial bench with a lie written on its plaque.

Watch the trailer below. Are you sad "Dexter" is coming to an end? Vote in our poll.

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