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Devo members Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh, kneeling, Jerry Casale, Bob Casale and Alan Myers pose in a 1978 photo. - Provided courtesy of Devo Inc. / Janet Macoska

Devo ex-drummer Alan Myers dies at age 58 from brain cancer

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06/26/2013 by Corinne Heller

Former Devo drummer Alan Myers has died at age 58 after battling brain cancer.

The musician played with the band, best known for the 1980 pop song "Whip It" (watch the music video below), between 1976 and 1985 -- the band's most successful period. Myers, Devo's third drummer, died on Monday, the group announced.

"#DEVO mourns the passing of Alan Myers, who we liked to call "The Human Metronome". R.I.P.," read a Tweet posted on the band's Twitter page on Wednesday.

Devo bassist and vocalist Gerald Casale told the Associated Press that Myers was the best drummer he had ever played with, adding: "People watching him thought we were using a drum machine," Casale said. "Nobody had ever drummed like that."

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