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David Archuleta fears being useless, hopes new album 'The Other Side of Down' leaves lasting impression

10/05/2010 by Corinne Heller

David Archuleta speaks to OnTheRedCarpet.com in July 2010. David Archuleta, an American Idol finalist and pop singer, says he fears being useless and hopes that his new album, The Other Side of Down, which was released on Tuesday, will leave a lasting impression.

"That's one of my biggest fears, to not mean anything," Archuleta, 19, told USA Today. "I'm always afraid of being left behind."

"Even when I was in school, I didn't want to be left behind,' he said. "It was, like, 'Man, I wonder if these kids are even going to be remember me in a few years, when high school's over?'"Am I going to make an impact? Am I going to influence these kids, or am I just going to have been a kid who was at high school years ago?"

"The scariest thing for me, I guess, is being useless," he said. "It's not like I want to be remembered, period. I want to be remembered for the right thing."

Archuleta said that The Other Side of Down is "more quirky" and shows his "dorky" side. His debut album, David Archuleta, has sold at least 750,000 copies since it was released in 2008. 


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