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'Dancing with the Stars' dance-by-dance recap: The First Perfect Score of the Season!

11/08/2010 by Cari Skillman

'Dancing With the Stars' logo (ABC)Im writing this week's Dancing with the Stars blog under protest. When Rick Fox was surprisingly eliminated last week, I screamed out to anyone who would listen that I refused to continue with this recap.  But Im reminded its my job, so here we go for week eight.

Check out the recap below but be warned, spoilers ahead!

I will say kudos to the producers for trying to keep things fresh!  The addition of the instant dance to this round of competition was very entertaining.  Basically, for the second of each couple's performances, they were given a dance style but NOT given the music theyd be dancing to for the evening. (We learned from head judge Len Goodman that this is closer to the way they actually do things in real competitions!) Each star chooses a CD out of a giant mirror ball and then has less than an hour to perfect a routine.  But first- each couple performs a ballroom dance.  And yes, to a song they know!

Brandy- Grand total 57 out of 60
Brandy addressed the biggest concern by the competitors this season.  As weve seen with the surprise exists of Rick Fox, Audrina Patridge and Florence Henderson, even if you have a good week, you can get eliminated. She said it worries her but she will step it up. It looks as though she and Maksim Chmerkovskiy have come to an understanding in the way he teaches/she learns. Their waltz was almost ballet-like, and it mesmerized the judges.  Len said he was overwhelmed by the performance, Carrie Ann Inaba said she was spellbound, and Bruno Tonioli called it an exquisite interpretation of a song.  Scores:  29 out of 30 

For their instant dance, the couple performed the cha cha cha.  Brandy said she sees this instant element as a test and she intends to pass!  Bruno was thrilled and called it another fabulous performance. Carrie Ann got into a verbal sparring match with Maks when she admonished him starting the numbers choreography with a little more acting and a little less dancing. Scores: 28 out of 30

Jennifer Grey- Grand total 57 out of 60
Jennifer has gotten what she calls her second wind after injuries had her doubting if she could even finish the competition.  Derek Hough taught her a quickstep routine to the song Lets Face the Music and Dance which Len pointed out was a perfect title for her situation.  While Jennifer was dealing with yet another injury (bum knee), her dad, entertainer Joel Grey, stopped by and gave her a very sweet pep talk that said, in essence, the show must go on.  It did, she did, and the judges loved them, with Bruno calling their dance reminiscent of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Scores:  27 out of 30 

For their instant dance, the duo was assigned the rumba, and Derek was thrilled.  He said that dance would be less stressful on her injuries.  They took the floor, with Jennifer in what I call an Edyta inspired dress, and dominated the dance floor:   The first perfect score of the season!  Scores:  30 out of 30

Kyle Massey-  Grand total 56 out of 60
Kyle called this his make it or break it week because the competition is so tight and he knows every single vote counts.  He and Lacey Schwimmer seem to have found a comfortable way to rehearse; even though Lacey may yell at him, he doesnt take it personally.   The young couple performs a graceful Viennese waltz that charmed the judges.  Scores:  27 out of 30 

For their instant dance, the two came out with more energy that you can imagine and performed an ultra-high energy jive.  The judges liked this even more than their ballroom dance, with Carrie Ann saying it was the most fun shes had this whole season.  Scores:  29 out of 30 

Kurt Warner- Grand total 48 out of 60
Kurt frets about the waltz assignment he received this week because it is so very technical, and SLOW, and that means any mistakes will really show up for the judges.  The song he and Anna Trebunskaya are given is the Eagles Take it to the Limit, which apparently is what Kurt is trying to do with his dance skills.  The judges were pleased, with Len saying its nice to see a big guy becoming graceful.  Scores:  24 out of 30

For their instant dance, the couple gets the cha cha cha and youve never seen Kurt look more relaxed on the dance floor! They have fun, and the judges praise his improved musicality.  He again gets triple 8s, which seemed to disappoint him just a bit.  Scores: 24 out of 30

Bristol Palin- Grand total 47 out of 60
The young mom broke down after last weeks dance saying shes not only exhausted, but is also really missing her little boy.  (Hes been staying with family for the past week).  She gets to go visit him, along with mom and pop Sarah and Todd. Bristol and Mark Ballas give the family a little taste of their Argentine tango and, even though its intense and sexy, the parents approve.  Bristol said seeing her family helped give her that extra push to keep going.  The judges were impressed with her improvement and her intensity. Scores:  24 out of 30

For their instant dance, the couple must learn the hip shaking samba.  Both Bristol and Mark are very worried because she has no musical background at all. The dance has lots of shimmies and shakes, but Bristols biggest fear comes true and she does get off beat several times. The judges were sympathetic, saying this is a very hard dance in any situation, especially with the instant music element.  Scores:  23 out of 30

  Tuesday night, we'll be down to the Final Four!  And the way this season has been going, it is anybody's guess who'll be going home.



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