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'Dancing With the Stars' Israeli version features same-sex couple

11/02/2010 by Corinne Heller

Gili Shem Tov and Dorit Milman appear in a promotional photo for the Israeli version of 'Dancing With the Stars'. (Photo courtesy of BBC Worldwide Productions / Reshet Productions) An all-female couple recently performed on the Israeli version of Dancing With the Stars, marking the first time the hit ballroom dancing franchise has featured a pair of contestants of the same gender.

Gili Shem Tov, a television sportscaster who has a female partner in real life, performed the cha cha with pro-dancer Dorit Milman, who is heterosexual, during Tuesday's show.

Shem Tov told BBC News in October that dancing with another woman felt "natural" to her.

BBC Worldwide Productions, the company that licenses the show in about 75 countries, said it was the first time a Dancing with the Stars competition had featured a same-sex pairing, adding that the women will take turns leading the dances.

"I have realised that dance is about co-ordination and energy between two people, whether female or male," Shem Tov was quoted as saying. "The challenge to dance with a woman in a public contest interested me because it's unique and has never been done before. Because I share my life with a woman and have a family with her, to me this is the most natural thing to do."

Pamela Anderson, who competed on the U.S. version of Dancing With the Stars during the previous 10th season, is set to make two appearances on the Israeli series, BBC News said.

Check out photos of Israel's all-female Dancing With the Stars couple:

Israeli television sports correspondent Gili Shem Tov, right, dances with professional dancer Dorit Milman during a rehearsal for the Israeli version of the Dancing with the Stars show, in a TV recording studio in Jerusalem, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010. (AP Photos / Sebastian Scheiner)

Check out a video of Gili Shem Tov and Dorit Milman rehearsing:

Dancing With the Stars is on its 11th season in the United States. One of six remaining couples is expected to be voted off on Tuesday's results show, which is set to feature performances from Taylor Swift and Rod Stewart.

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Kyle Massey, Rick Fox, and Jennifer Grey battle for  the mirrorball trophy on week seven of 'Dancing With the Stars' (KABC)