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D'Atra Hicks sings during husband's testimony on 'Divorce Court'; video gets Web buzz

09/30/2010 by Kristina Lopez

D'Atra Hicks on a September 6 episode of 'Divorce Court  (20th Century Fox Television / Monet Lane Productions Inc.) D'Atra Hicks, a stage actress whose credits include the Tyler Perry plays What Happens in the Dark and Madea's Family Reunion, is slowly becoming somewhat of a viral video phenomenon because of her appearance on a September 6 episode of Divorce Court.

Hicks hums and sings throughout her estrange husband's testimony, which she says are exercises to calm her down. The actress admits to the judge she learned the exercises from an anger management class.

Loren Harper was suing Hicks, who is credited in the clip as Deitra Hicks, for $1,760 in therapy sessions, claiming he needed to undergo therapy as a result of the abuse he suffered from the actress.

"I sing all the time, I'm a singer," Hicks says in the clip. "I just started this singing while he's talking to keep me calm. Because he lies and every time he lies I just had to punch him in the face."

The clip, which was posted on You Tube on September 28, has already garnered over 23,000 views.

In the end, Harper's case was tossed out when the judge discovers he had a second relationship outside of the marriage and stole a ring from Hicks to give to his mistress.

"You're a liar, and worse you're a liar and a thief," Judge Lynn Toler tells Harper. "There will be no recovery in this matter."


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