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Clint Eastwood is 'not a fan' of President Barack Obama's work

10/22/2010 by Corinne Heller

Clint Eastwood speaks to CBS News in October 2010. (Photo courtesy of CBS News) Clint Eastwood says President Barack Obama is a "nice fella" but is "not a fan of what he's doing at the moment," citing the "financial mess" in the United States.

Eastwood, 80, made his comments to CBS News anchor Katie Couric during an interview to promote his new film Hereafter, which stars Matt Damon and hits theaters on Friday.

"I think he's a nice fella and I enjoyed watching him come along and I enjoyed watching him campaign and win the job but I'm not a fan of what he's doing at the moment because I just don't think he's governing," Eastwood said. "I don't think he's surrounded himself with the people he could have surrounded himself with."

"He's having to just lay out a certain line and hope people will believe it so he can stay in the position," added Eastwood, a former mayor of Carmel, California who donated to Republican candidate John McCain's campaign ahead of the 2008 presidential election. "I don't think there's anybody I see out there, or many people that have that kind of discipline, that are willing to take a chance on losing."

The United States is currently experiencing its worst financial downturn since the 1930s.

"I think that we've gotten ourselves into a financial mess that is going to be really bad if we're not careful," Eastwood said. "I mean it's bad right now. I don't think there's too many people out there making sense at the moment."