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Christoph Waltz talks backstage: I am an adamant 'non-racist'

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02/24/2013 by Nichole Hamilton

Austrian actor Christoph Waltz won his second Oscar on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013, for Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in Quentin Tarantino's film, "Django Unchained."

The 56-year old actor, who played the role of Dr. King Schultz in the star-studded film, beat Alan Arkin of "Argo," Philip Seymour Hoffman of "The Master," Robert De Niro of Silver Linings Playbook" and Tommy Lee Jones of "Lincoln."

Tarantino's controversial film stars Jamie Foxx as the title character, an African-American slave who is bought by Waltz' character, a bounty hunter known to most as a dentist named Dr. Schultz. They strike a deal in which Django will help him with his work and in exchange, Schultz will help him find and free his wife, Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington, from an evil plantation owner, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Waltz talked to press following his big win, explaining how he would feel if the next appointed pope were black.

"I can tell you one thing, it would be an exciting thing," Waltz said backstage after his win. "I am a very, adamant, and non ... I don't know, an adamant 'non-racist,' I don't care whether the blackest, black ... I don't care whether the pope is black or white or whatever color, if we are non-racist, then we have to stay non-racist all the way."

The actor went on to explain how it felt to be nominated with actors whom he referred to as "role models."

"The list of names - I mean, I know there's a terrible inflation about this word, but I mean it in the literal sense - awesome - it is awesome," he said. "I am in awe of the people who are in my category. The very fact that I am one of them would have meant the world, and that's why I keep mentioning them ... because, Robert De Niro, Alan Arkin - are role models for me since I started in this profession."

The actor won his first Oscar for his role as Hans Landa in the 2009 drama film, "Inglourious Basterds." He has also appeared in films such as "Water for Elephants" and "Carnage."

The winners were announced at a live ceremony that took place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and aired live on ABC on Sunday, February 24. See photos of actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watts arriving on the red carpet for the 85th ceremony.

Also, check out a full list of winners from the ceremony.

See the trailer for "Django Unchained" below.

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