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Channing Tatum spoofs Jean-Claude Van Dammes Epic Split commercial in a YouTube video posted on Nov. 19, 2013. - Provided courtesy of youtube.com/user/ctunwrapped

Channing Tatum stars in parody of Jean-Claude Van Damme's split video

11/20/2013 by Corinne Heller

Move over, Jean-Claude Van Damme, here comes Channing Tatum.

The 31-year-old latter actor has released a parody clip of the action star's recent Volvo Trucks commercial, which showed the 52-year-old "Muscles From Brussels" performing an "Epic Split" on top of two moving trucks. The ad is set to Enya's 2000 hit "Only Time."

Tatum's video, which was posted on his official YouTube page, shows him dressed as Jenko, his character from the 2012 movie "21 Jump Street," performing a similar stunt in what is described as a "test" that was "set up to demonstrate the stability and precision of the food carts" on the set of the sequel, "22 Jump Street."

"This stunt was preformed by unprofessionals..." Tatum joked on Twitter.

Watch Channing Tatum's parody video below.

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