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Bradley Cooper talks about The Hangover Part II in an interview provided by the studio. - Provided courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Bradley Cooper talks screenwriting and directing ambitions with 'Hyperion'

05/29/2011 by Kristina Lopez

Bradley Cooper actor, writer and director?

"The Hangover Part II" star recently revealed his ambitions to write and possibly direct a film adaptation of the science fiction novel "Hyperion," by Dan Simmons.

During his interview with Charlie Rose on Wednesday, the actor revealed that he and a friend have been working on the project. Cooper says he and his friend "went to [producer] Graham King, who owns the rights to 'Hyperion,' and we wrote a treatment on spec saying, 'Look, I know this is a very audacious endeavor, can you just read this spec we wrote? I think we have a way in to tell the story.'"

He adds, "So now we're negotiating to write the script for it."

The 1989 novel is part of a series of books which also includes "The Fall of Hyperion," "Endymion" and "The Rise of Endymion."

"Ideally I'd love to direct," Cooper said about the project, "but there's no way. I mean, I shouldn't say that. You never know."

Cooper also discussed his audition process to play Lucifer in the screen adaptation of "Paradise Lost" and briefly talked about his next project, a reboot of "The Crow" series.

The 36-year-old actor was recently romantically linked to "House M.D." actress Olivia Wilde. The two have yet to comment on the report.

Check out Cooper's interview on Charlie Rose below. He begins talking about "Hyperion" at the 18:30 mark.

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