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Bradley Cooper talks drugs and 'Limitless'

03/15/2011 by Olivia Allin

Bradley Cooper says he would definitely try the mind-altering drug his character takes in the new film "Limitless" if he could.

In the movie, which hits theaters on Friday, March 18, Cooper plays Eddie Morra, whose life is changed after he takes the to-secret drug NZT, which gives him superhuman abilities.

"First thing I'd do is learn a bunch of languages," Cooper told OnTheRedCarpet.com at the recent Los Angeles premiere of the film. "And then, I have all these musical instruments I don't know how to play, so I'd learn them. I mean, that'd be amazing."

"It's an insane ride, just the haircuts alone!" he added, referring to his character's physical transformation. "I have to say, on the crew, we all missed old Eddie every day, we'd take the wig out - we were very excited."

"Limitless" is based on the novel by Alan Glynn and also stars Abbie Cornish, Johnny Whitworth and Robert De Niro.

"The best thing about him is how willing he is to share all of that knowledge and experience," Cooper said about De Niro. "He's just another actor on the set with you and he's so real. It was the easiest time I ever had acting. Ever."

At the premiere, Cooper also dispelled the rumor that Charlie Sheen would make a cameo in "The Hangover Part 2," which is set for release on May 26.

Watch the trailer for "Limitless" below.

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