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Bill Cosby turns 76 - happy birthday! (Video)

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07/12/2013 by Corinne Heller

Happy birthday, Bill Cosby!

The social media savvy "Cosby Show" actor, comedian and author turned 76 on Friday, July 12.

Cosby, who has more than 3.3 million Twitter followers (and actually posts his own tweets), continues to make us laugh and in 2010, he gave OTRC.com the BEST quote about what defines a "giggle."

"A giggle is when you and the people in the office that you work with and something's happening and all of a sudden it explodes ... yeah and you giggle," he said.

You can watch reruns of "The Cosby Show" on TV Land on Saturday mornings and afternoons to get your weekly dose of Cliff Huxtable, his family and his amazing sweaters.

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