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Ashton Kutcher, George and Laura Bush pictured at Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, February 6. - Provided courtesy of Photo provided by YouTube

Ashton Kutcher: George W. Bush 'snubbed' me at the Super Bowl

02/12/2011 by Olivia Allin

Ashton Kutcher says that former President George W. Bush snubbed him at the Super Bowl XLV last Sunday.

The actor was sitting directly behind the former President in a luxury suite, but the two didn't exchange any kind words.

"He just was not very nice to me. He just kind of snubbed me a little bit," Kutcher told BBC Radio DJ Scott Mills on Thursday. "The Bush, he kinda just turned around and really just gave me this scowl."

"I think I said some mean things [about Bush] during the election about him," Kutcher said. "I feel like he probably doesn't like me very much."

Kutcher campaigned for John Kerry in the 2004 elections and said at the time that it was to make up for voting for Bush in the 2000 presidential race.

In 2008, the actor and his wife Demi Moore endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Kutcher's wife Demi Moore told People magazine that the couple would be cheering for competing teams at last week's event.

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