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Anderson Cooper shows off new glasses during an interview with Kathy Griffin on December 29, 2010. - Provided courtesy of CNN

Anderson Cooper debuts new glasses - rate them!

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12/06/2010 by Kristina Lopez

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is preparing for his big New Year's Eve special with Kathy Griffin by showing off his new pair of glasses.

However Griffin, who was on his show for a quick interview, loudly voiced that she is not of fan of the newsman's new look.

"Wow," Griffin said before Cooper interjected with "Yes, I know. I look like Rachel Maddow."

"Yes, you look like Rachel Maddow and, here's what I love. I love that you clearly got the nerdiest glasses you could, because you think you're so gorgeous and hot that you have to take it down a few notches for America," Griffin joked. "Ryan Seacrest would not be caught dead with those glasses on."

Though Kathy Griffin has gotten in hot water because of her Bristol Palin remarks, she is up for another New Year's special with the long time CNN anchor this year.

It is a surprising move by CNN's part because of a controversy from last year, when she said an expletive on air. It was confirmed earlier this month that Griffin will be appearing with Cooper for the fourth time on the network's New Year's countdown.

Cooper, who fumbled a bit with his glasses, admitted to Griffin during his show, "I threw out my back, and so I've taken two Valium for this interview, so I'm actually a little loopy."

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