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Al Pacino says Adam Sandlers female character in Jack & Jill is convincing but not really very hot. Al Pacino says he plays version of himself that is a little bit nuts in Adam Sandler comedy Jack & Jill.
Al Pacino: Does Adam Sandler make 'hot' lady?
Al Pacino plays 'crazy' in 'Jack & Jill'

Al Pacino: Adam Sandler not 'hot' but is 'convincing' as a woman in 'Jack & Jill' (Video)

11/12/2011 by OnTheRedCarpet.com Staff

Al Pacino says Adam Sandler is "totally convincing" as a woman in the new comedy movie, "Jack & Jill," but is "not really very hot."

The comedy film showcases the hijinks that ensue when a man's twin sister comes to visit him during Thanksgiving. Adam Sandler plays both siblings, Jack and Jill. Katie Holmes plays Jack's wife and Pacino, a 71-year-old Oscar-winning actor known for tough guy roles in films such as "The Godfather" trilogy, plays himself.

"He's not really very hot," Pacino told OnTheRedCarpet.com and other reporters at the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, when asked about Sandler's appearance as Jill. "I'm sorry to say. Hot doesn't come to my mind. He's totally convincing, by the way. He's totally convincing as a woman."

In the movie, Jack, a commercial producer, wants to cast Pacino in a Dunkin Donuts ad. However, Pacino, who is dealing with a career crisis, is more interested in getting closer to Jill, whose spunky attitude he admires.

"I play Pacino," Pacino said. "So I made him a little bit nuts. He was pretty crazy during the shooting. He's pretty crazy in the movie so let's hope he's funny."

"Jack & Jill" is set for release on Nov. 11, 2011. Check out a trailer below.

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