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Al Pacino stars in Vittoria coffee ad, his first commercial, reportedly due to Italian heritage

07/13/2010 by Corinne Heller

Al Pacino endorses first product, stars in Vittoria coffee commercial Al Pacino stars in a commercial for the family-owned Australian company Vittoria coffee, which constitutes his first product endorsement.

"Most of my scripts have coffee stains on them. That's how you know it's a Pacino script," he says in the ad, looking at a cup of espresso with the Vittoria logo written on it. "This is good coffee."

The campaign was directed by Academy Award winner Barry Levinson, known for films such as Rain Man with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman and Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams. Ridley Scott's production company RSA produced the ad.

Rolando Schirato, the 27-year-old sales and marketing manager for Vittoria coffee and son of its CEO, said they were initially turned down by Pacino's agent when it made the request to have him star in the advertisements. After six months, another request was made and Pacino's agent asked the firm to put together a package about the coffee.

"We pointed out there are a lot of good ties between our company and Al, both being Italian migrant families, making a success story in the new country," Schirato told The Australian newspaper. "To our amazement, he said 'Yes, let's talk further'.

The television and print advertising campaign were filmed in New York City in May in the West Village and are set to air in Australia this month.

"Al has never been to Australia so we wanted to catch him where he lives, in his city,"

Check out the commercial!


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