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Adrianne Palicki appears as Wonder Woman for the 2011 NBC pilot. / Lynda Carter appears as Wonder Woman / Wonder Woman dons a more conservative costume in DC Comics 600th issue - Provided courtesy of Justin Lubin / NBC / CBS / DC Comics

Adrianne Palicki dons Wonder Woman costume for reboot (Photo)

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03/18/2011 by Corinne Heller

Adrianne Palicki appears in costume as "Wonder Woman" in a new photo released by NBC, which is developing a new television pilot about the sexy superhero from the DC comic books.

The outfit features a red and gold strapless bustier, shiny blue leggings and blue and gold boots. A picture of Palicki in the costume was first posted on Entertainment Weekly's website on Friday, March 18.

The 28-year-old actress is known for her role on "Friday Night Lights" and was in February confirmed to play Wonder Woman and her alter-ego Diana Prince in the television reboot.

The pilot is spearheaded by "Ally McBeal" and "Boston "Legal" showrunner David E. Kelley. Elizabeth Hurley plays Veronica Cale, a villain, while Cary Elwes of the fantasy movie "The Princess Bride" portrays the CEO of Prince's company.

The lasso-wielding superhero was most noticeably seen in live-action form from 1975 to 1979, when "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman" television series starring Lynda Carter aired.

A "Wonder Woman" film is also being developed by Warner Bros. Pictures and is as of now set for release in 2013, according to preliminary casting lists. "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks has expressed interest in the project.

When asked by the UK newspaper The Times about reports that said she may star in a "Wonder Woman" adaptation, former "Transformers" actress Megan Fox called the character a "lame superhero."

Carter said the actress should not have "trashed" her former character.

Last year, DC Comics gave Wonder Woman a makeover in its 600th issue. Instead of her traditional red bustier, star-flecked hot pants and red knee-high boots, the superhero donned a motorcycle jacket, ankle boots and dark blue leggings.

Which outfit do you prefer for Wonder Woman? Vote in our poll.

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